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Mary-Ann Kirkby is a professional speaker who helps groups and organizations understand the value of diversity. 

             Sharing her deeply personal story of growing up on a

   Hutterite Colony, Kirkby underscores the social and economic

             benefits diverse cultures and people bring to our lives.
















                                                                What People have to say:


  • "Mary-Ann is an engaging speaker who delivers a powerful message that can only serve to remove the myths and fears people sometimes have about a way of life they do not understand. The evaluations at our FarmTech conference ranked Mary-Ann’s session as one of the favourites.


    "Mary-Ann held the audience spell bound as she shared her Hutterite story.  The feedback from the attendees at our World Presidents Organization was absolutely glowing. They loved her!"


  • "Mary-Ann uses her experience as a Prairie Hutterite to share a deeper message of tolerance, and understanding. She is an extremely humorous and effective story teller. Our community felt blessed to have her. We laughed and cried and came away better versions of ourselves." 


  • "An excellent presenter, Mary-Ann communicated very effectively with our Librarians. She is so entertaining.  What an outstanding job she did!”


  • “After keeping us engaged for more than an hour she was thanked with an extended standing ovation — a rare occurrence at our School Board conferences!" 


  • "Her style is sincere — like being with a good friend.  She gave us side-splitting laughs and amazing insights. We highly recommend Mary-Ann Kirkby to other organizations and groups as a speaker at conferences, and community events."


  • "This gifted story-teller tells her rich story in such a beautiful and honest way. Our entire community gained valuable insights and a greater understanding of her culture. Many people thanked us for providing such an evening in our little town.               


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