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Hutterites & Coronavirus

Reinlichkeit geht mit Selichkeit, (Cleanliness goes hand in hand with Godliness) has been the enduring motto by which Hutterites have lived for centuries. Every time I walk into a Hutterite kitchen, I feel pride. You could eat off the floor. Its the same at the slaughterhouses including the one at Star City Colony where I was less than 10 days ago. They are scrupulous.

Hutterites have always been this way. Without question they are the unsung leaders in sanitation. As a young girl at Fairholme colony cleanliness was a point of pride in our community. I remember as a 6-year-old, my Oma sitting in her rocking chair with a broomstick to show me the spots I missed. Washing floors for my elderly grandparents was considered an honor.

Meticulous hygiene is a rich part of our history. In the 16th century, Hutterite Bishop Peter Walpot developed stringent guidelines for hand washing and required standards of cleanliness that were so advanced that Hutterites routinely escaped the epidemics that spread through Europe killing thousands of people.

This is a beautiful legacy and one we all should follow. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

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